Please note - The Randolph Medal is not recognized by SWVHJA and this link is a courtesy only to SWVHJA members.  Any questions regarding the Randolph Medal need to be directed to the Riding Department at Randolph College.


Randolph Medal specs:  updated Spring 2015

Randolph College Medal

Open to junior and adult amateur riders who have not qualified for the SWVHJA Hunter Seat Medal, SWVHJA Adult Medal or the Oak Ridge Medal during the existing or previous year; qualifiers for the Pony Medal are still eligible. Winners of any of the 3’ finals are prohibited from competing. The previous year’s Randolph medal winner is not eligible to compete in the finals the following year, but may still continue to show in the RC Medal for that year. The class will consist of two phases, each counting for 50% of the total score. First phase shall be shown over a course of no less than 8 fences at 2’6”. The course must contain two changes of direction after the first fences and will not contain a combination. The second phase will be a flat phase, shown at the walk, trot and canter both directions of the ring. Judges may choose from USEF tests 1-10. The same horse must be used for both phases. Martingales are permitted in the flat phase.  Three entries are required to fill the class with a minimum of three to complete the class. The top 15 point earners, including ties, shall be invited to compete in the finals held at the Randolph College Fall Festival Horse Show and Oak Ridge Medal Finals.


**The last horse show for qualifications will be House Mountain October, held at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington. Any shows following that will count for the next show season qualifications.

** It is recommended that: The class runs as a stand-alone but can be combined with a warm-up class for time management purposes.