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Points and SJOTY current through:

Points posted through Trimble's Ridge II
29th SWVHJA Annual Show sponsorship opportunities are now available.  See your mailbox and the web site for all of the details.

Medal Standings posted through RC III.  Top Ten Thoroughbred standings updated.


Julie Winkel Clinic 8/4/15 click here for information

Bucky Reynolds and Jack Towell 8/24-25/15 click here for information


Past clinicians:

2015 -  Mary Babick
2014 - Matt Payne
2012 - Jan Simpson
2011 - Bob Crandall

2010 - Teddi Ismond
2009 - Glenn Moody

2008 - Paul Mathews
2007 - Paul Mathews,  Chris Kelly,  Kevin McQueen
2006 - Glenn Moody,  Chris Kelly
2005 - Local talent... JT Tallon, Darlene Kemper, Mimi Wroten, KC Hearn
2004 - Local talent... Susan Sjolund, Kate Wade, Maureen Waldron, Carol Gwin, Vicki Byrd, Emily Guyer
2003 - Scot Evans
2002 - Patty Stovel
2001 - James Cornwell





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