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      Thank you Veterans.

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Points and SJOTY current through:

Points posted through SWVHJA Finals
Congratulations to the 12 & under high point equitation winner for 2017: Wyatt Morris

Next up: the 2017 Awards Banquet, Jan. 13 at VMI.  Banquet information now posted on the What's New and Calendar pages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I need to renew my membership.  Can I do that on-line?
A.  All necessary forms are available on the web site.  However, payment is not accepted electronically at this time.

Q.  The total I have for my points doesn't match what is listed on the points page.  What do I do now?
A.  All inquiries regarding points must be made to the association office in writing, either by USPS or e-mail.  The correct way to inquire about your points is to provide the tally that you have and the executive secretary will look at your total versus the total in the association's database and respond accordingly.  Download the tracking sheet to help you track your points.  Tracking form.

Q.  I forgot to renew my membership.  Will the points that I got at the show I just went to still count?
A.  No.  Points accumulate from the time your membership is paid forward, but they will not accrue retroactively.


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