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The Virginia Pony Breeder's Association offers Champion and Reserve Champion awards to VPBA recorded Virginia Bred ponies being shown in SWVHJA recognized shows.  

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Points current through: 

2021 Top Ten Results

2021 top 10.pdf

Congratulations to these independent award winners:

12 & Under Hight Point Equitation Award: Kathryn Glasgow

Show Jumper of the Year: Cobalt de la Pomme Z - Elizabeth Conyers

Division Standings

Show Jumper of the Year Standings

SJOTY21 final.pdf

Make SURE that your horse/pony is entered at shows EXACTLY as it is registered with the Association

 points WILL NOT count unless they match.

To eliminate confusion and misunderstandings, please note that show secretaries do not have SWVHJA membership information. They will not be able to provide any information regarding membership and/or horse recording status. If there are any questions as to membership status, it is recommended that any applicable forms be submitted either prior to or at a show. If dues have already been paid for the current year, the check will be returned. Please feel free to contact the SWVHJA office at any time with membership questions.  Membership status is always available via this website.

Points from December 1 through May 31 become final on June 30.  Questions regarding points for this time period must be submitted by June 30.

Points from June 1 through Annual Show/Medal Finals become final on November 30.   Questions regarding points for this time period must be submitted by November 30.

Questions regarding points must be directed to the SWVHJA office in writing, either by USPS or e-mail.  The correct way to inquire about your points is to provide the tally that you have and the executive secretary will look at your total versus the total in the association's database and respond accordingly.

Individuals not in good standing with SWVHJA:

Frederick Cooper - NSF Check 

Crystal Rivers - NSF Check