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Points and SJOTY current through:

May shows posted: Bedford County Hunt, Hollins, LSP, LSE

Points from December 1 through May 31 become final on June 30.  Questions regarding points for this time period must be submitted by June 30.

The SWVHJA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the new Collegiate membership.  Information coming soon.

Bucky Reynolds / Jack Towell clinic spots available.  See the SWVHJA calendar page or the VHC web site for registration information.




  • YEARBOOK - There will be a printing of the 2016 Yearbook!!! For Division Champions and Reserve Champions: Gallery pages are available at no charge.
    2016 Champions - If you did not submit a photo for the Chronicle and would like to reserve a page in the Yearbook: let me know no later than 4/1 and submit photo no later than 4/15.
    2016 Reserve Champions - If you would like to reserve a page in the Yearbook: let me know no later than 4/1 and submit photo no later than 4/15.

  • SWVHJA e-cards now being processed.    A valid e-mail address on file with the office is needed in order to receive your card(s).


    Effective March 2012

    If you are filling out a new SWVHJA Farm Recording or Horse Recording with MULTIPLE OWNERS please indicate a primary owner on the application. Horses shown that are owned by multiple owners must be entered under the primary owners name and the primary owner must be a current SWVHJA member in order for the points to count.

  • USHJA Junior Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, click here
  • Individuals "Not in Good Standing"
    The following individual(s) are considered "Not in good standing" with SWVHJA:

    Crystal Rivers - NSF check
    Frederick Cooper - NSF check


  • Sample points tracking file now posted to help track points.  Save and fill in for the shows you attend.  Send a copy to the office in the event of a discrepancy.

  • Metric Conversion chart.

    0.70m = Fences 23 in height

    1.05m = Fences 35 in height

    1.35m = Fences 45 in height

    0.75m = Fences 25 in height

    1.10m = Fences 37 in height

    1.40m = Fences 47 in height

    0.80m = Fences 27 in height

    1.15m = Fences 39 in height

    1.45m = Fences 49 in height

    0.85m = Fences 29 in height

    1.20m = Fences 311 in height

    1.50m = Fences 411 in height

    0.90m = Fences 211 in height

    1.25m = Fences 41 in height

    1.55m = Fences 51 in height

    0.95m = Fences 31 in height

    1.30m = Fences 43 in height

    1.60m = Fences 53 in height

    1.00m = Fences 33 in height




  • To eliminate confusion and misunderstandings, please note that show secretaries do not have SWVHJA membership information. They will not be able to provide any information regarding membership and/or horse recording status. If there are any questions as to membership status, it is recommended that any applicable forms be submitted either prior to or at a show. If dues have already been paid for the current year, the check will be returned. Please feel free to contact the SWVHJA office at any  time with membership questions.

  • If you feed Southern States feed, please save the certificates (bar code) off the bag and turn in to Molly Moore, who announces at many local shows.  Southern States contributes money to the Association for use in purchasing awards for each coupon submitted.

  • FAQs page will answer frequently asked questions.


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