Southwest Virginia Hunter Jumper Association


Exhibitor Horse Show Evaluation Form

Ring 1

Ring 2


Check each box corresponding to the evaluation of each item:

1: Unsatisfactory   2: Adequate   3: Good   4: Excellent

1 2 3 4
1.Quality of footing in show rings (Keeping in mind weather conditions)
2.Quality of footing in schooling areas
3.Quality of schooling areas
4.Courtesy & professionalism of show management
5.Availability of SWVHJA membership, horse recording & exhibitor evaluation forms
6.Efficiency and knowledge of gate attendants
7.Quality of stabling, if available
8.Quality & availability of parking
9.Quality of courses and fences in relation to caliber of entries
10.Selection of classes in relation to majority of exhibitors
11.Organization and safety of schooling before, during and after the show
12.Size of show rings with respect to the selection of classes